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A friend told me about Daymond John's free workshop on November 4th. As soon as I heard about it I signed up. I am always looking for opportunities to learn and grow... and why not learn from one of the best underdog stories in business? I mean, he's on Shark Tank for a reason!

So I attended, took really good notes, but I knew "the ask' was coming-- you know, the part of the free concert when they ask for an offering. LOL!

At first, they offered the THREE DAY class for $4,997. Immediately I thought to myself, "Ok... how can I make THAT happen?" Later on, the workshop facilitator said, "I have an offer. You can take the THREE DAY class and bring someone with you for free but you have to pay $2,000 today! Whoever wants that offer come and stand up front so everyone can see you."


I surely didn't have $2,000 to spend... but I got up anyways.

I put my faith to work! I knew that I wanted to take THREE INTENSIVE DAYS with Daymond John and his team to learn everything I need to SKYROCKET. So I looked at what I could do financially and then I said, “I need to ask for help.” And I did!! 

I made a flyer on my phone and started posting and texting people like crazy. And let me tell you, FAITH SPEAKS VOLUMES! People sacrificed, sowed, invested and even shared my request and...


I am so grateful for my village! This is FOR US AND BY US! (See what I did there?!)

Below are my notes and some content shared with us at the workshop. Since you all made this possible for me, I want to share this experience with you.

Because THAT is how WE ALL GROW!

With so much gratitude,
Rebekah Gordon


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"Don't wait for the perfect time; you will wait forever.
Always take advantage of the time you are given,
and make it perfect for you."

Before we started the workshop, we had to sign a document called the "Customer's Bill of Rights." I had to sign a whole contract, but you just have to pinky promise me that you will agree to do the following:


1. WORK HARD - Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. A successful business will not just happen and it will require you to go above and beyond the norm to make your business work. I hope you will commit to working hard and learning the necessary skills to help your business be successful.


2. BE HONEST - Part of running a successful business is being honest in your dealings with others and earning their trust. You must commit to run a fair and honest business in order to earn the trust of partners and more importantly customers.


3. ALWAYS CONTINUE LEARNING - Commit to becoming an industry leader in your business. The business environment is always changing, as is the information needed to stay ahead of the market curve. As both a business owner, you must commit to always being in the mindset to learn and grow.


4. BE POSITIVE - Attitude is contagious, so make yours worth catching. This will benefit you far beyond any information you gain from this offering. As you move forward with your business, you will maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude ad you grow your venture.


5. SHARE THE WEALTH - (This one is from me.) If you know anything about me, you know I love to share information and speak with people to help them push forward in their brands and businesses. You should absolutely do the same. Information and application are the keys. Share this link with your circles and let's get on the road to more wealth together. 



"Every problem can be solved as long as you use
common sense and apply the right
research and techniques."
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I thought long and hard about how I wanted to share these notes with you. Some colleagues thought I was crazy for this. "They didn't go to the class. Why are you making it easy for them?" Some told me to send you a simple e-mail with bullet points. But, that's wack to me. Why would I do that?!


So I designed a couple of ways to share this information with you and also figured out a way for you to access this information without you having to assault my inbox. LOL. I designed this webpage and some notes so you can take it to your homes, workplace, and communities, digest it and BE GREAT!


THE NOTES: If you did not send me your e-mail address when I was collecting them on Facebook, no worries! You simply have to subscribe to the list and you will receive the downloadable and printable notes like the other hundreds of people signed up!  


THE BONUS: As I was putting this together, I realized that there was some information that they shared, and even some information that I have been taught outside of this class that would be more valuable to you if you see it rather than me typing it out. (and I don't got time for that. LOL) Below you will find a series of videos I recommend you watch. You're welcome! :)


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5 Ways to Make Money With Amazon
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5 Ways to Make Money With Amazon

Lisa Irby
The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs
Play Video

The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

Start with why -- how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound
Play Video

Start with why -- how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound

TEDx Talks


Here are some more tools to look into for your business. Daymond John's team recommends them!

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Now, let's be sharks! All the best!

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