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Design and strategy
are synonymous.

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Rebekah D. Gordon, J.D.

With 10+ years of experience in branding strategy and business-building roles, I live at the intersection of digital marketing and user experience design. I provide my clients with a strategic and creative approach to growing their businesses and creating more opportunities. As a dynamic and thoughtful innovator, I solve brand challenges through the creative use of digital, social, and streaming advertising solutions. I lead and participate in cross-functional teams and I am involved in strategies from brainstorming to execution.

In addition to the creative, my “Big Law,” corporate, and international relations experiences inform my focus to make sure my clients have exhausted all potential cross-industry and cross border partnerships, are not exposed to liabilities, and are protected as it pertains to their vision and intellectual property.

In short, I believe design and strategy are synonymous. And creating a space where you are sure you'll get the best of both worlds is my purpose. 


I can't wait to take the burden of "the how" off of your mind.

Modern Kitchen


We can accomplish
a lot in 45 minutes.

Like exposing blind spots and highlighting solutions. Using the answers to the pre-call intake form, I take the time to inspect what's in your hand. Then I will give you practical and digestible steps you may not have considered to get it done. Our lead strategists will provide assistance in the development of business strategies, audience development, creative ideation, and customized communication plans for your business and brand. Before you know it, you will have the confidence to succeed. 

Networking Event


It's an experience
from flyer to showtime.

We have figured out a way to combine our content curation, design, user experience expertise, contract negotiation, branding, marketing, and event management skills into one offering -- complete event production. You tell us what you're looking to accomplish, and we will take care of all of the how. The flyer. The ticket platform. The email copy. The social media campaign. The event staff. The vendors. The light design. Everything. Literally.


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