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Because your website should be as vibrant and professional as you.

A beautiful website is the new business card. Most of your potential clients will judge the quality of your service or product based on your presentation. And we take every design element seriously.


It's proven that access to your website on mobile devices increases engagements and profits. We make sure your design looks great on their computers and phones. Screenshots guaranteed.


Your Price: $2,449


your website plan includes

-  A fully functional, organized, and interactive website
-  Analytics to make sure campaigns and elements are working
-  Complete rebranding and elevated appeal for your business
-  Creating custom assets (infographics, branded videos, etc.)
-  Developed style guide for your brand to stay consistent
-  Ongoing maintenance as long as we are still in contract


You're actually a big deal, so
let's make a big deal about you.

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There's strategy involved in the design of your communications. Let's make sure it's visual, captures data and the ROI is evident. Your audiences and clients depend on it.


And they will love you for it.


Your Price: $1,249 per month

your STRATEGY plan includes

-  Design template for bi-weekly digital newsletters
-  Customize an archive page for company developments
-  Participate in staff meetings if available and/or scheduled
-  Data-driven implementation for all communication outlets



1. Let's talk.

If you have any more questions from our previous discussions and this proposal, please feel free to email or call. Let's get to the finish line together and understand the tasks at hand.


2. Let's make it official.

Once we agree on the terms, tasks, and timeline,

I am happy to send over the invoice for you to make the initial deposit. 

3. Let's get started.

I will provide you with a list of assets I need to get the ball rolling. I know time is of the essence and you are putting things together. No worries! I am very patient during this process because we want this executed well. And it will be!

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