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It started on the fourth floor

of New York University's library.


Three seventeen and eighteen-year-olds sat around and listened to their friend's vision to start a non-profit organization. They developed its community service and mentorship programs. Rebekah used her marketing skills, business savvy and the legal chops she had to assist in building a foundation for someone else's dream.


And copywrittIN wasn't even a thought at that point. Rebekah was a science major pursuing a career in neurosurgery. (yea, imagine!)


It wasn't until much later that she realized she had a natural ability to see the potential in someone's career or goals. She created strategies to get it done with ease. She started to work with churches, business owners, and artists. Word of mouth motivated her to think bigger. The epiphany to start a business grew from her love to serve others. Her clients' success was her success.


Lead Strategist Rebekah Gordon officially incorporated CopywrittIN on her 25th birthday. CopywrittIN is a one-stop-shop for creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. This consulting firm builds and supports clients in the areas of brand management, strategic marketing, business development, and event management.  Rebekah is also pursuing her law degree, and after she passes the bar, she will add legal services as an offering for current and future clients.


She enjoys being creative with solutions to every request or challenge. And she isn’t afraid of a low budget either. "I think the best consultants know how to use the cards they’re given and yield great results. It's my job to connect the dots." She truly enjoys what she does, and she loves educating her clients and audiences along the way. 

To learn more about Rebekah, visit

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