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I got sick of it. So I wrote about it.


Ask the next 10 people you come in contact with this burning question: “What does ‘coming soon’ mean to you?” I promise you and guarantee that you will get different answers from all of them. I’m not surprised at all. When it comes to marketing our next project or event, I believe that we use the phrase out of habit or because we see others do it. “It’s just the way it’s done.” They use it in movie theaters. Promoters use it all the time to announce things. So in our minds, we think it's ok.


Well, it is my assignment today to convince you otherwise. Now, I know that this is going to be an uphill battle for some of you. But let me plead my case as to why you should really take the phrase “coming soon” out of your vocabulary, your marketing materials, your posts, and your captions. After you hear me out, make your decision. Fair enough?


This won't be a long drawn out read (at all). I promise! I'm going straight to the point in a fun (sometimes petty) way. You'll find some of my marketing tips embedded in this short manual as well. I hope this perspective helps you... and that you STOP SAYING THOSE PROFANE WORDS.

Bottom line: Stop being anxious.

Calm down. Don't rush.

One of the results you want to have from your event is trust from your audiences and communities. You want them to latch on to anything you do because you’ve proven to them that you cherish their attention and their time. Build confidence with specificity. When you provide your audience with dates and times, they can plan it out. “Coming soon” leaves them with nothing to do. You want them to be committed to your project or event as soon as they know about it.

death to cs wix button.jpg

I really hope this helps.

I know those forbidden words are very common and we are used to seeing them everywhere. But in reality, they hurt us more than they help us. I hope this quick read helps you plan ahead and think through the real message you want your audience to receive.

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